I’m Cheeky Monster Drago and I love to find out more! Together we’ll discover things we’ve never seen before. Questions and experiments can lead to something new… let’s go on an adventure – there’s so much that we can do!

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"What does this do? And why does this do that? Let's discover new things together!"

Fun Facts

The lucky dragon Cheeky Monster

  • Character:
    Clever and optimistic
  • Favourite things:
    Loves learning and silly science
  • Loves:
    Experiments and fact finding
  • Likes:
    Glow stars, lab kits and glasses
  • Dislikes:
    The dark

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Drago is on a special space mission in her secret science laboratory. The Cheeky Monsters must work hard together to launch their rocket to the moon... blast off!

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Drago’s Adventures

You'll discover and learn something new every day with Drago! She's clever and optimistic, and her adventures are bursting with exciting experiments and interesting facts.

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Meet Drago

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Games & Activities

You can always trust the Cheeky Monsters to create fun ways to play and learn together - and you're invited! Join the adventure with our Games & Activities.

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