I’m Cheeky Monster Rocky and I love to cheer you on! With me, you can do anything, and our days are full of fun. It’s time to race and zoom about, what new game shall we play? Get ready to adventure in the roarsome Rocky way!

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"Come on! I'll show you something clever..."

Fun Facts

The most mischievous Cheeky Monster

  • Character:
    Cheeky and rebellious
  • Favourite things:
    Sport, football
  • Loves:
    His friends and running races
  • Likes:
    Playing practical jokes
  • Dislikes:
    Being bored

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Look out... VROOM! A boring car journey gets shaken up as Rocky has everyone racing around his track. Who will cross the line first?!

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Rocky's Adventures

You'll never get bored when Rocky's around! He's the most mischievous Cheeky Monster and loves a practical joke, but you can do anything with him - the games and fun are endless!

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Meet Rocky

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Games & Activities

You can always trust the Cheeky Monsters to create fun ways to play and learn together - and you're invited! Join the adventure with our Games & Activities.

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