bear meet the monsters

Some have monster spikes and glitter splotches; some are shy, some are clever, some are clumsy. They all have one thing in common... they are Cheeky Monsters!

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Hello, I'm Frankie!
Would you like to meet some Cheeky Monster friends?

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I’m Cheeky Monster Violet and I love to dance and sing! It’s time for an adventure – what will this new day bring? Just wave your sparkly wand with me and dream up something new... with our imaginations, there’s so much that we can do!

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I’m Cheeky Monster Rocky and I love to cheer you on! With me, you can do anything, and our days are full of fun. It’s time to race and zoom about, what new game shall we play? Get ready to adventure in the roarsome Rocky way!

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I’m Cheeky Monster Drago and I love to find out more! Together we’ll discover things we’ve never seen before. Questions and experiments can lead to something new… let’s go on an adventure – there’s so much that we can do!

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I’m Cheeky Monster Spike, and I love to happily daydream; chatting about the things you love, like keeping our Earth green. Together we’ll discover precious things as we explore and get to know our planet – I wonder what adventures are in store...

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I’m Cheeky Monster Glitter, and I’ve got fashion, flair and style. With me, a dull day sparkles and I’ll always make you smile. It’s time to get creative! Grab your crafts and sparkly bits, we’ll make something spectacular with lots of shine and glitz!

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