Our story

Powered by imagination, we are committed to inspiring young minds to be curious, creative, and make every day an adventure. At our core, we are a family run business, and we have our very own Cheeky Monsters at home! That’s where our story begins…

Creating the Brand

The creation of our brand is inspired by a very ‘real’ little girl. With her purple glasses, fabulous ginger-coloured hair, and continual curiosity of the world, that little girl is my daughter.

Known as Frankie in our books, she has been an absolute inspiration in bringing all of the Cheeky Monster characters to life – both on the printed page and virtually on our YouTube channel, which is packed full of mischief and fun!

Everyone has a Cheeky Monster,
which one are you?

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Make every day an adventure

Cheeky Monsters are there to make you laugh and have fun. They might get up to all sorts of silly mischief, however they will also help you to discover new things, move to a musical melody, show you silly science, and find lots of monster glitter along the way!

Our Community

Many of our stories and the themes within them are based on key learning, with extra activities to complement reading at home. In our storybook, ‘Spike Expert Explorer’, the Cheeky Monsters help keep the planet green by working together to build a bug hotel.

We carry this theme through to our website and social media channels, where we encourage little minds to be curious and creative, in building their own bug hotels, complete with activity sheets and tutorial videos.

If you’ve read any of our stories, watched any of our videos, downloaded any activity sheets – or even if you’ve just discovered us for the very first time – we’d love to hear from you! Parents, teachers, or just general fans… it would be great to learn about your Cheeky Monsters experiences.

We heard from Lisa Ashton, Deputy Headteacher at Llanidloes Primary School, Mid-Wales, and here’s what she said…

“The concept of the stories is engaging and promote a range of skills we need to instil in children – the inquisitive questioning mind, creativity, adventure, positive attitude of trial and error, and exploring and protecting the environment.

“The rhyming couplets and use of language will engage the listeners, and I think the activities for the children to do at the end are excellent. The scope for using these stories as part of the child’s learning at home or in school are endless.”

The Cheeky Monsters come alive

Invisible to grown-ups, Cheeky Monsters are all around us, they love hiding in all sorts of places and getting up to mischief. They are very friendly, highly likeable and very curious.

They are, of course, all different to each other and vary in personality, colour, hobbies and horns! Some have monster spikes and glitter splotches, some wear glasses, other’s like to wear tutus, however they all have one thing in common… they are cheeky!

Have you met all of our Monsters yet? If you haven’t, come with us and we’ll introduce you…

star iconMeet the Monsters
treehouse pond

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