Build a water bottle rocket with Drago

In the storybook, 'Drago Super Scientist', the Cheeky Monsters build a water bottle rocket and then launch it into space. You could build your own rocket, too!


When you pump air into the bottle, pressure builds up inside. As you keep pumping, the force of the air on the water eventually becomes strong enough to force the cork out of the bottle. As the water rushes out in one direction, the bottle pushes back in the other direction. This forces the rocket upwards – BLAST OFF!


Make sure a grown-up is with you to supervise your launch and that all spectators stand back. Your rocket will launch suddenly and with force. Do not approach the rocket once you have started pumping, even if it looks like nothing is happening.

What you will need

  • An empty plastic bottle
  • Cardboard made into a cone and four fins
  • A cork
  • A pump with a needle adaptor
  • Water
  • Paint/crayons/glitter to decorate your rocket
  • Glue/sticky tape
  • A grown-up helper

What to do

  1. Ask a grown-up to help you push the needle adaptor of the pump through the cork. It needs to go all the way through, so you might have to trim the cork a little.
  2. Decorate your bottle, the cone and fins.
  3. Stick the cone onto the base of the bottle to form the top of your rocket. Attach the fins around the top end of the bottle to form your rocket base.
  4. Fill the bottle one quarter full of water and push the cork in tightly.
  5. Take the bottle outside and connect the pump to the needle adaptor. If it won’t stand up on the fins you can rest it on a box.
  6. You are ready to launch! Pump air into the bottle, making sure all spectators stand back. Your rocket will lift off with force after a few seconds.

Watch the activity video

Here's how to make Drago's rocket - prepare for blast off!