Everyone has a cheeky monsters ...which one are you?

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Invisible to grown-ups, Cheeky Monsters are all around us. They love hiding in all sorts of places and getting up to mischief. They are friendly, highly likeable and very curious.

They are, of course, all different to each other and vary in personality, colour, hobbies and horns! Some have monster spikes and glitter splotches; some wear glasses, and others like to wear tutus. They all have one thing in common... they are Cheeky Monsters!

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Meet the Cheeky Monsters

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Games & Activities

You can always trust the Cheeky Monsters to create fun ways to play and learn together. Discover new things, move to a musical melody, experiment with silly science, and make every day an adventure!

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Our Story

Powered by imagination, we are committed to inspiring young minds to be curious, creative, and make every day an adventure. At our core, we are a family run business, and we have our very own Cheeky Monsters at home! That’s where our story begins…

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