Meet the Cheeky Monsters presenters

Meet Kaya, O’B and Tania… our Cheeky Monsters presenters!

The trio are here to take your little ones on a daily adventure, inspiring their young minds to be curious and creative.

Here’s a little bit about each of them, so you can get to know them:

  • Kaya: Hey Cheeky Monsters, my name is Kaya! I have big curly, wurly hair that’s always getting in a tangle. I love painting pictures, reading stories and wiggling with the Cheeky Monsters!
  • O’B: Hello there, Cheeky Monsters, my name’s O’B! I’m one big bundle of energy, and I’m always on the move. You will see me dancing around the world, travelling to new places for adventures with my Cheeky Monster friends.
  • Tania: Hey Cheeky Monsters, I’m Tania! I’m a very smiley person, who really enjoys doing the Glitter Wiggle. I love puppies, singing and performing, and hanging out with my Cheeky Monster friends.

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