Decorate a Rocky biscuit!

Rocky loves to race, zooming around the track, but make sure you don’t go too quickly when decorating your biscuits - you'll need a steady hand!

Once you’ve made Cheeky Monster Rocky with plain biscuits, why not mix it up and try something different. How about cookies or a chocolate biscuit? Be sure to make some for your friends and family, it’s fun to share!

What you will need:

  • Plain biscuits
  • Blue food colouring pen
  • Icing pens – you will need blue, green and white
  • Edible eyes

What to do:

  1. Place a plain biscuit carefully on a tray or table, and begin by drawing the shape of Rocky’s head with a blue food colouring pen on the bottom half of your biscuit.
  2. Then, take an icing pen of the same blue colour and draw along the outline you have made. Carefully fill in the rest of the shape with blue icing.
  3. Add two edible eyes, making sure to keep them in line and not too close together.
  4. Use the blue food colouring pen from earlier and draw the outline of Rocky’s ears.
  5. Fill these in with blue icing, then add two hair lines to the top of his head.
  6. Use the black food colouring pen to draw a big smile line across Rocky’s face and add two dots for his nose.
  7. Rocky is always sticking out his green tongue. So, using a green icing pen, add his tongue carefully to your biscuit.
  8. For the final touch, use a white icing pen to draw in Rocky’s teeth. Once you’ve added them, your Rocky is complete!

Watch the activity video